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Kara Gibson-Slocum is working in the Los Angeles area as a vocal and piano instructor, as well as 

Lazy Vacation Blog


I have one more day left of vacation and you can't make me move from this pillow. You can't!  Ok, except for the laundry and packing and travel supply shopping and... 

Lots to do. Heres your lazy vacay blog update!  




What tour looks like to this point. 52 cities, 86 shows. Yes, it's time for a break! 




First some time in NYC



 Nor Cal to meet this bundle of Love and see the fam after 5 months away.   



Then to meet this bundle of fur... Brando! #grandpuppy  



Time with industry family. Nickelodeon WITS Academy family night. 



Breakfast at Voo Doo doughnuts


Lunch at Universal Studios and Harry Potter World


Dinner at Disneyland


Dessert at The Grove, Hollywood. 

Do I know how to eat my way through vacation or what?! And no, not all on the same day! quality time with my ❤️❤️❤️. 



Hollywood premiere of Genius by @NatGeoChannel and Ron Howard, Brian Grazer Starring Geoffrey Rush who is fantastic! Oh and I was in the room with them and Hans Zimmer which, for my music geek family, was the coolest part of all.  Artistic geniuses making a show about genius.  It's beautiful. Catch it! 



Shopping and beach days with this beauty, enjoying my CA!  

Think I crammed enough rest and family and friends and food and CA and joy into one break as possible. Grateful. Time to get back to work! If I ever get out of this bed. See you soon, Dorothy! Miss you Lady!


Sooo maybe not a lazy vacation, just a lazy blog.