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Santa Blog

12 insights into Santa as I know him. (...or in this case “her”) 


1. Just because Santa has finished the Christmas list, does not mean that Santa is done shopping.  

2. The earlier in the year that Santa finishes the list, the more stuff will eventually be purchased because he forgot what he already bought

3. Santa will purchase gifts for next year at after-holiday sales this year and then have no idea where to find them 12 months from now.  


4. Santa will notoriously spend more money on stocking stuffers than on the main gifts. This year is no exception 


5. It’s all about the stockings!  

6. Santa doesn’t need, want or expect to receive a gift... or even think about it really because he’s so excited about what he’s giving! (But don’t forget the stocking.)

7. Santa does, however, care that the paper you wrap your gifts in coordinate with the decor. (Santa is part Joanna Gaines, Martha Stewart and part OCD) 


8. Anyone not continuing to believe in Santa gets nothing in a stocking. (“You do not believe, you do not receive.” Paint that on a plank and hang it!) 

9. Age is not a factor in number 8

10. Everyone must receive something to DO, not just wear, eat, see, on Christmas Day... preferably together. Give experiences, not things. 


11. While Santa totally values tradition, the understanding that a cheese plate and wine is an upgrade from cookies and milk is a much appreciated twist.  

12. Santa is grateful to be able to give (because so many cannot), honored to be surrounded by love (because so many are not) and happy to do it every year (because happy is harder for many than you may think). 


Bonus 13. If you aren’t giving something besides things, i.e. time, talent, creativity and basically being Santa to someone outside your kin, you’re missing the point. 

A SHOUT OUT to “Santa” who makes the season happen in your home each year! If you know him the way I know him, you have a few insights to bring to this list.  Feel free to comment and add. Happy Christmas! I’ll be thinking of you over my cheese plate 🤶🏻